Flight Without Formulae Questions

Q1 What is Engineering?
Q2 What is Aerospace Engineering?
Q3 What is the difference between Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering?
Q4 Why is airship much bigger than an aeroplane(both carrying same number of passengers)?
Q5 Why is airship much bigger than a boat (both carrying same number of passengers)?
Q6 How is the lift of airship different from that of an aeroplane?
Q7 Define Aeroplane?
Q8 What are the differences between an aircraft and an aeroplane?
Q9 How is sailplane different from a glider?
Q10 Is lift more than the weight during steady climb of an aeroplane? State your answer with reason?
Q11 Is lift less than the weight during steady glide of an aeroplane? State your answer with reason?
Q12 Name & explain the principle on which the airship flies.
Q13 What do you understand by Aerostatic Lift?
Q14 What do you understand by Aerodynamic Lift?
Q15 What is a difference between a land plane and a sea plane?
Q16 What is a difference between helicopter and gyroplane?
Q17 What is the source of power in a glider?
Q18 Can a sailplane gain height in stationary air?
Q19 Explain Coanda effect?
Q20 How is lift generated by the wing of an aeroplane?
Q21 What is the approximate ratio of density of water to that of air?
Q22 What will happen to the force of buoyancy if gravity vanishes?
Q23 What will happen to the force of buoyancy if volume of water displaced by the ship doubles?
Q24 Why does a ship rise on entering sea water from normal water?

More Questions in the coming days.


  1. 1. Engineering is a application of scientific and mathematic knowledge to design, build, maintain machines, structures etc.
    2 .Aerospace engineering deals with both aircraft and spacecrafts.
    3.aerospace engineering deals with both aircrafts and spacecrafts but aeronautical eng.Only deals with aircrafts.
    4.As airship is a lighter than air aircraft,it flies due to buouancy force .
    So as Volume(v) increases buouant Force(w) increases.
    5.As boat floats on water and water has density already more than air so no need to increase volume to increase buouant force.
    6.#lift on airship is buouant force only i. e aeroststic lift.
    #lift on airplane are:
    a. Aerostatic lift
    b. Aerodyamic lift
    7.Aeroplane:A heavier than air flying machine supported by aerofoil, design to obtain, when driven through air at inclined to direction of motion, a reaction from air approximately at right angle to their surfaces.
    8 .Aircraft -it can be lighter than air OR heavier than air
    Airplane- it is heavier than air, aircraft.
    9. Glider -they lose their height wrt ground. And have less aspect ratio
    Sailplane-designed such that they can gain height too and have more aspect ratio.
    10.No,lift is less than weight during steady climb.
    Reason - weight of aircraft is supported by both lift and thrust.
    Mathematically, we can resolve L,
    L‹W, 0‹cosAOA‹1
    11. During gliding too, same as 10.
    12.airship flies on the principle of ARCHIMEDES.
    When a body is submerged in a fluid, an upward force equals to its weight acts on it.

  2. 13. Aerostatic lift-A lighter than air aircraft flies due to upward buouant force.and lift produced due to buouant force is called aerostatic lift.
    14.Aerodynamic lift-A lift acts on heavier than air aircraft that is moving w.r.t air. is called aerodynamic lift.
    15.land plane-a airplane which can only take off from land.
    Sea plane-a airplane which can take off from sea.
    16.Helicopter- rotors are rotating, which are driven by engine.
    Gyroscope-rotors are rotsting which are not driven by engine.
    17.There is no source of power in glider.
    18 As sailplanes are always coming down wrt air, if air will be stationary, it will not climb and under gravity it will lose its height.
    19.coanda effect-A airfow always tend to stick to the contour of a body.
    20. Lift generation- an airfoil shape of wing of aircraft pushes down the air, and according to newton third law air will also push aircraft upwards, i. e nothing but lift.
    L=m(Vdown), m=mass flow per second
    21. 997/1.225=813
    22.buouant force=density*g*volume ------@
    If g=0
    Then buouant force =0
    23according to @
    If volume get double buouant force will be doubled.
    24.when ship entres from normal water to sea water, as sea water is salty, it has higher density than normal water so buouant force increases which will push the ship up.
    So, ship rises.


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