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SPV Aerodynamics Competition-1: Total Project/Prize Money Rs 22000/-.

Students only can take part in this competition. Participants have to submit a small write-up, blue-print along with the model/project. Last date of submission of the project is 15 Apr 2018. The projects/models (along with the write-up, blue-print) which get the prize will be kept by the sponsors of this competition. Queries if any may be given in the comment section of this post. To read more, click on the post title. Following are the various categories:- 1.  Wind Tunnel Science Project :- Project/Prize Money Rs 10500/- A wind tunnel of test cross section of at least 9 inches by 9 inches is to be manufactured using cheap & daily usage items like fan, straws, hardboard, glass/plexiglass, agarbatti (for smoke generation) etc. A balance using lever principle or any other method should be able to estimate the amount of drag, lift (& hence C L , C D ) etc. on the various models of aerofoils, aerodynamic or other bodies. A flow visualisation facility like smoke, woolen

Aerodynamics Question Banks 2 &1 With Few Answers.

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Boundary Layer Flow Images (compiled via Google Search)

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